The first principle of the Ordinariate is then about Christian unity. St. Basil the Great, the Church’s greatest ecumenist, literally expended his life on the work of building bridges between orthodox brethren who shared a common faith, but who had become separated from one another in a Church badly fragmented by heresy and controversy. He taught that the work of Christian unity requires deliberate and ceaseless effort...St. Basil often talked with yearning about the archaia agape, the ancient love of the apostolic community, so rarely seen in the Church of his day. This love, he taught, is a visible sign that the Holy Spirit is indeed present and active, and it is absolutely essential for the health of the Church.

- Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, Homily on the Occasion of his Formal Institution as Ordinary

Monday, June 3, 2013

Update on St. Barnabas, Omaha, Nebraska

Legal Update -

As many of you know, in early December we had a meeting with representatives of the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska which was chaired by Msgr. Steenson. The meeting was held at the Archdiocesan Chancery and the Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Fr. Taphorn was in attendance.

From this cordial and productive meeting, we arrived at an agreement for Settlement in the litigation regarding the property, which was filed against us by the Diocese of Nebraska, subsequent to our disaffiliation from the Diocese in 2007.

We next began a process of fundraising for the necessary and mutually agreed upon amount. We completed that process a few weeks ago.

I have worked with our attorney on the final form of the agreement - with several drafts passing back and forth between us and the Diocesan attorney.

We had requested to meet with them to sign the agreement this past Thursday. While the Diocese indicates they are satisfied with the agreement, we have yet, as of this hour, to have the approval of the national TEC communicated to us.

I can tell you that during the last few days I have been in regular communication with Bishop Barker, and can assure you he is doing what he can to facilitate bringing this matter to a conclusion.

When that happens, we will move forward with the execution of the agreement, payment of funds, and the end of the litigation.

Please watch for further updates.

Sean W. Reed,
President, St. Barnabas Church Parish Council
Senior Warden, St. Barnabas Parish

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  1. Another news via Facebook:
    We are pleased to announce ordination dates for Patrick Allen: Diaconate - Saturday, 29 June, 6.30PM; Priesthood - Sunday, 7 July, 5.00PM. Both at St. Mary's, Charleston. Once again - Y'all come! Y'all pray.

  2. Does this mean Saint Barnabas will be coming into the Ordinariate with its property? To tell you the truth I had completely forgot about them.

  3. Yes, that's the plan, for St. Barnabas to come into the Ordinariate...they've been quietly working away at this all along.

  4. we've also learned to work on cultivating the virtue of patience...